(L) LARGE double roof dog house with thermal insulation

Product made by carpenters!

Very solid!

Delivery time: 8-10 working days!

97.000Ft Gross





We have been manufacturing our dog houses in our carpentry workshop for 15 years!



Features of our dog houses:

  • Extra solid!
  • 4 sides of the dog house 2 cm thick hardwood the top is made of pine wood!
  • Thanks to its solid wooden frame, it is very durable!
  • Bottom of the doghouse 6 cmis raised from the ground!
  • Insulation thickness 2 cm, plus wood covering!
  • The side wall and the bottom are both insulated!
  • Its design is completely designed for outdoor use!
  • It has a double top between which there is foil insulation!
  • In assembled condition we deliver!
  • 1 year with warranty!




External dimensions: 70 cm wide, 80 cm long, 90 cm high.

Internal dimensions: 60 cm wide, 70 cm long, 85 cm high.

Doghouse treated with lacquer paint!



A large dog house, for example: Rottweiler (bitch), Bernese Mountain Dog, Dobermann (bitch), husky, malamute, boxer, German shepherd.



Dog house size and weight (60 kg), the shipping cost is: HUF 5,000