(M) MEDIUM flat roof doghouse 70x60x60

A product made by carpenters!

Side door!

Delivery time: 3-6 working days!


42.000Ft Gross




Product made by carpenters!


This sturdy dog house protects your favorite pooch from the inclement weather and provides a great place to relax.

The doghouse is made of high-quality planed 1.5 cm pine paneling!

Please note that wood is a natural material, so imperfections may occur on it!

Thanks to its solid wooden frame, it is very durable!

The bottom of the dog house is raised 3 cm from the ground.

Dog house is easy to assemble!

It comes mounted on a sheet, that is, not assembled!

Color: Natural-Not painted!

Medium flat roof dog house size: 70 cm wide, 60 cm long, 60 cm high.

Medium flat roof dog house interior dimensions: 66 cm wide, 56 cm long, 55 cm high.

Entrance size: 25 cm wide, 32 cm high.


Medium dog house, e.g. recommended for English bulldog, bull terrier, beagle, hound, Staffordshire terrier, chow-chow, pumi, mudi, puli, dog breeds! 


The size of the doghouse and the from its weight (22 kg) resulting in the shipping cost: HUF 4,000



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