(XL) EXTRA LARGE tent-top dog house with thermal insulation

Product made by carpenters!

Side door!

Delivery time: 3-6 working days!


92.500Ft Gross





We have been manufacturing our dog houses in our carpentry workshop for 15 years!



Features of our dog houses:

  • Planed 1.5 cm we make it from pine paneling!
  • Thanks to its solid wooden frame, it is very durable!
  • Bottom of the doghouse 3 cmis raised from the ground!
  • 2 cm styrofoam, plus plywood cover!
  • The side wall and the bottom are both insulated!
  • Its design is completely designed for outdoor use!
  • 1 year with warranty!



We deliver our doghouses assembled on a sheet, that is, they arrive to you in an unassembled state, as this is the most cost-effective shipping option with a bulky price!


Easy to assemble!

- We will add assembly instructions!

- It's pre-drilled!

- Can be mounted with one size screw!





External dimensions: 80 cm wide, 100 cm long, 90 cm high.


Internal dimensions: 76 cm wide, 96 cm long, 85 cm high.


Entrance size: 40 cm wide, 60 cm high.


Color: Natural - Not painted!



Extra large dog house for example: Rottweiler (male), Dobermann (male), Tibetan Mastiff, Bullmastiff, Giant Schnauzer, Kuvaz, Komondor, Cane Corso, Moscow Watchdog.



The dog house size and the from its weight (63 kg) resulting in the shipping cost: HUF 5,000